My Review of Don't Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table by Louie Giglio


There is a book with this title and a devotional spun off the book. This six-week devotional is fantastic. It’s a look at Psalm 23, zeroing in on verse 5. The chapter is printed out for you, on pages 24 and 25 in KJV and The Message. Our group of about thirty read through the Psalm in KJV each week to cement it into our heads. Then we watched the video.

The videos were descriptive as he had a table set up as his illustration with food and drink. Louie is a great communicator and engaging.

The workbook gave us room to take notes on the video and we discussed things that popped out to us or new things we learned.

Then there is a section titled, Discuss with questions to steer the conversation. Those are also excellent. Our group experienced good discussion and empowering personal instruction.

The personal study had sections called Connect, Reflect with act and worship, and Deeper. The book is loaded with other scriptures to support the teachings as you dig in deeper.

If your people come for the video, they will learn. Through discussion, they will learn more, and by doing the home study more growth happens, so the more we put in the more we gain.

I highly recommend this book. Five stars for Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat At Your Table.




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