About the Author

I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has been so gracious to give me my loving family. I am a wife and mother of three married children who have given me 11 wonderful grandchildren.  I had a wonderful opportunity to home school my children. Teaching is a passion God has given me and I have been teaching for over forty years. My grandchildren love to listen to my stories and they are one of the reasons I started posting my stories on one of my blogs.

My first published book "Rosita and the Giant Sea Turtle" can be found here. Rosita and her wonderful, imaginative world was given to me one night while I was in prayer crying out to the Father for a direction. I am thankful to the Lord for this avenue of storytelling.  I love to go to her world and explain Jesus while telling an exciting story. Rosie has gotten under my skin. Rosita has two more adventures, Attic's Secret, and Spanish Doll.

I ventured off into romance and have a contract with Forget Me Not Romances a division of Winged Publications where I have published many more books, all of which you can find on amazon or if you are lucky to grab a signed copy from my trunk. My books can be found here

I've had a great opportunity through the years to connect with adults through public speaking, singing, and teaching. On one adventure, I was able to help teachers in Russia and Ukraine with their teaching skills. It was great fun and a challenge to teach with an interpreter.

My first husband went home to be with the Lord over ten years ago. God blessed me with a godly husband, Jimmy ten years ago. He has four children and six grandchildren making our total as of now, seventeen. Blessed indeed! Jimmy is my greatest fan and encourager. I am so very thankful for him.