My Review of Moonlight and Freedom by Lana Lynne


Civil War Historical Romance

Separated by Civil War, teenagers Richard and Jenny teenagers, Richard and Jenny think of each other often, though communication is rare and slight. Her to stay with the family and try to survive—he to fight a losing battle, one after another—both to grow up fast. Each of them endures loss after loss. Those sad moments gripped my heart and made me tear. The rare moments of rejoicing swirled a smile across my face.

Bombs burst and bayonets stab. The war is extreme and portrayed with accuracy. Love won in the end of misery.

If you enjoy stories with detailed events and if you like memoirs and documentaries, you’ll dive into this historically accurate fiction. The long-distance romance is tenderly woven across the long years of war. Moonlight and Freedom is well-written and edited. I give it 4 stars.  

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