My Review of Luke Gut-Level Compassion by Lisa Harper

The Book of Luke Video Streaming Bible Study. I give this 5*!

I did this study with a group of women at a local church. We all loved the streaming video. Lisa brings out Truth by being transparent and telling heartwarming stories. We learned a few Greek words as she dove into the text and culture. She brought out the differences between the books of Luke, the only Gentile writer, with the other gospels. Lisa reminds us that Jesus displayed compassion to those who were outcasts and less-than. The book is multi-faceted, including home study pages, coloring pages, and bookmarks of the verses to cut out. After the eight-week study, you’ve gone through the whole book of Luke. I highly recommend this study.


  1. I liked the written review. Just to let you know, it was hard to hear, so can't comment on your vocal review.

  2. I'm sorry you couldn't hear the video. I don't have it blasting when you turn it on so make sure your volume is turned up. I'm glad I wrote out a review for those who cannot hear but it doesn't exactly match the video.


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