My Review of Worst Kind of Evil by Will Marler


My Review of Worst Kind of Evil by Will Marler

This book doesn’t read like a debut novel. The fast action page-turner is well written. The arc of the main character is strong. Marler wrote engaging primary and secondary characters that sail the story to soaring heights.

In today’s world, a story about a teen runaway all too often ends in tragedy. To find Tara, Eli has to go into the lair of evil. Beware, this story has a dark side but to understand the dangers and heinous world, hopefully you never encounter, Marler takes you deep into the filth of wicked corruption, making this read like a true crime novel.

The descriptions of settings are vivid and accurate and the characters are gritty and true to real life. I could almost taste, smell, and see the places and characters as Marler wove the story.  

The romantic aspect is refreshing and the Spiritual encounters will lift the reader’s soul and psyche. I received this book pre-published. This review is my truthful personal opinion. I give Worst Kind of Evil 5 strong stars. I look forward to and will read the next book in the series.   



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