Believe or Not by Robin Densmore Fuson


The news stories can be frightening. Headlines might scare the socks off us. There are true events and not-so-true happenings. What to believe?

I’m old enough to remember the bell going off in school and scooting under my desk, wrapping my arms over my head. Why? Because the government told us we were in a crisis and a nuclear bomb could drop on us. What did they think a skimpy piece of plastic and metal would do against a nuke?

The teachers told us to open textbooks that said the planet headed into another ice age. We read the crust had cooled drastically and the icecaps increased in size. Oh, no!

In my high school years, we quit using aerosol cans for hairspray, deodorant, and the like for fear of creating a hole in the ozone.

We were afraid of acid rain destroying the planet and maybe dissolving our skin.

Now, they are shouting climate control because our world is no longer freezing but it’s warming and the temps are melting the ice caps, causing the oceans to swell and claim more land. Could it be a cycle of change?

There is pollution. There are too many plastic containers discarded in the wrong place. People should take care of the planet. But our world is not spiraling out of existence. We need to be smart and not freak out.

In six days, God created the world and with His foreknowledge, he knew how long before His Son’s second coming, which sets up the end of the world as we know it. Don’t you think, He is aware of how much clean water we need for all time? And created enough to last? Don’t you think His hand holds back the sun and heat so we will not melt? Don’t you know He is in control? His love is abundant and He thought of all this long before creating the world.

The Lord cares for us. God knows everything and what we need to sustain life. Think about how water recycles. Water deep in the crest comes up in springs and makes it’s way to rivers that flow to the ocean. Water from the ocean is pulled up into the atmosphere and into clouds where they grow and get so full they burst to rain down on the earth. Rain water then seeps into the ground to fill the aquifers, which spring up to drain into rivers and the cycle continues. Plants play a role as they suck up the water and breathe it out in moisture and oxygen for us to breathe and also to go into the atmosphere. God created all this for us to sustain life until He closes it all down.

All this to say, don’t freak out about these things. Trust God to keep everything running. Be sensible in what we do.

Remember that not everything we hear is correct. For years, people have believed lies about all I said and more. Things that we’ve been told have been debunked as false. Just because you want to believe something is true, doesn’t make it so. The Bible is the top reference and authority on all these topics. Trust what the Lord, who made you and loves you, says.

 There has been confusion saying there are different races. There is ONE race, the human race. The difference is the melanin, a pigment in our skin. Some have a lot and their skin is a warm rich color while others have less with varying tones to the lightest with little melanin.

Now we are told there are multiple genders. From the six days of creation, we understand there are male and female in every species—plants to insects to fish and reptiles to mammals, including humans.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1 nkjv). Then God said let the earth bring forth the living creature after its kind… and God made the beast of the earth according to its kind…So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female created He them. Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:24-28 nkjv).



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