My Review of Prevail by Linda K Rodante


If you’re a fan of Romantic Suspense, you will love this fast-paced Christmas Book. Yes, Christmas and suspense together in one great read. Prevail is book five in the Spiritual Warfare Series by Linda Rodante and she doesn’t disappoint. The cover is perfect and is in theme with the others in the series. Prevail can be a standalone but is most appreciated after reading them in order.

Mayhem and murder are on the agenda of a sinister person with a grudge. Ex-gang member Garrett and Paramedic Whitney, who also volunteers at the kitchen for IronWorks, make a dynamic team to identify and capture the killer.  

I love the Christian element mingled with the excitement and romance that Rodante brings to readers in her books. The gang influence is there and the warfare is clear. Prayer is a powerful component and it’s wonderful seeing young people using it. The light of Christ is also evident in the nativity and the magic of the real meaning of Christmas.

I give this 5* 



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