My Review of Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer


Like all of Shirer’s works, this one is excellent. I wanted to do this study because who doesn’t want to discern God’s voice? Right? I loved that she made it clear that God’s voice isn’t audible. You know in your being that He is talking.

Before I did this study, I watched an interview of her and her husband about any controversy that may arise. Both made it clear that God’s voice is a nudging, a call in your being.

When we read the Bible and something jumps off the page, that is a word from God. When we are praying and asking for directions in our life and we know what we are to do, that is the Holy Spirit speaking to us. During my stint in Tennessee in 2018, I wasn’t attending a group Bible study and my husband agreed to do the study with me. We ordered the video to go with the book and we both enjoyed it and our faith grew.

When I read back at my notes, tears gather as I recall what my heart and mind were going through and how this study had me focus on my quiet time with the Lord and that is where healing begins. So if you want to draw closer to the Lord Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and the Father, quiet time and a study to Discerning the Voice of God will help you. But remember, it is all about your relationship with God that matters. The Holy Spirit may speak to you in the night, at church, during a Bible story or talk, while you’re singing to him, praying, or reading His word. He may have someone tell you something that pricks you. But first, we need to be willing to listen.

I give this study and the video 5*   


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