My Review of Three Whistles Around the Bend by Lana Lynn


My 5*review of Three Whistles Around the Bend: A Sweet Riverboat Romance by Lana Lynn

I love reading historical fiction/romance where the author takes the time to familiarize themselves with the history, setting, and facts during the time period in which they decide to write. Ms. Lynn did a great job doing all that and added pages in the back for more history about Yellow Fever and the romantic riverboats. The only thing I wish were added are the Bible words not just the references. The characters act true to life and the sweet romance captures the heart. Both Clem and Amelia would be welcome in my home any time. This sweet romance is easy to read, and the characters are fleshed out well. I look forward to reading more from author Lana Lynn. 

Three Whistles Around the Bend


  1. Please explain what you mean when you wrote you wished the author added "the Bible words not just the references." I'm curious.

    1. The author clearly wrote out the words but there is no reference meaning where the verse is located in the bible so we can easily look them up and see it in context. foot notes would be nice for easy reference.


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