Window of the Soul by Robin Densmore Fuson


What is our Perspective? Is it large or small?

I sat at the counter in my kitchen and saw the reflection of the skylight overhead on the dark screen of my phone. When I looked up it appeared different, so I took a picture of what the camera saw.

I asked myself if my perspective of things was accurate. Did I have tunnel vision? Yes and no, depending on where I’m looking. When I focus on my problems, everything centers and becomes limited. My constant pain can be debilitating if I think about it. That headache becomes unbearable if all my thoughts are about the throbbing.

The holes in my floor from a flood almost a year ago become a huge deal when I go into the room and repeatedly stare at them. Or I can walk away and go about my business. Do I need to get the floor fixed? Yes. We’ve made strides to come to terms with the insurance company.

When I see the gaping hole that a dishwasher should sit, I could become agitated that the dishwasher has been on backorder for over a year. Instead, I wash the dishes by hand and thank the Lord, I am able.

There are so many issues in this world. If we focus on those, we can go crazy. Where should we focus?

God has blessed us abundantly. We are alive. We have His amazing creation around us. We are blessed with people and animals.

How do we view God? Is he great? Weak? Strong? Loving? Kind? Angry? Those questions are answered in the Bible. Our perspective can become skewed if we let our circumstances influence our perspective. We need to check to see if our thoughts match what the Bible says.

Feelings can lie. Hurt can become our focus. Our attitude might need adjustment. Bitterness can creep in. We can become blind with anger.  

How big is your God? The Bible says His essence is All-powerful (Omnipotent), All-knowing (Omniscience), Sovereign, Love, Kind, Truth, Everywhere Present (Omnipresent), Judge, Shepherd, Savior, Patient, Forgiver, etc. The list goes on and on and on. God is bigger than our problems.

“We even saw Giants there, the descendants of Anak. Next to them we felt like grasshoppers, and that’s what they thought too!” (Numbers 13:33 nlt)

So, how do we view our world, our circumstances, families, friends, and our Creator? Do we see the problem as too large for God? Do we feel like grasshoppers to a giant and do we get in their minds and assume they feel that way too?

How does our soul view everything? Do we have a narrow view or is it broad? Do we need to dig into the Word of God to help us with our perspective? These can be tough questions. Our hearts can deceive us. (Jeremiah 17:9) Individuals need to ask God to help them see what their souls are seeing. He will help broaden our perspectives.


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