My Review of On Rummer's Deadly Tongue by Deanna Rutledge


On Rummer's Deadly Tongue by Deanna Rutledge

I love the intriguing title and looked forward to reading this book. It's a 5* title! The cover is nice too. I've read dozens of YA books and stories set in medieval times. I love a wide variety of novels. I'm not a fan of omniscience point of view. In any one scene, the reader can be taken into more than one character's head. Three distinct story lines take place and none of them resolve in the end. I prefer tight writing and a hook. I love books that make me want to turn the page. Unfortunately, this one didn't. The bones of the story are good and I think if a change of POV, deletion of a few scenes that don't drive the story forward, and tight writing, this could be fantastic. I can only give this book 3*.



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