Delight by Robin Densmore Fuson


What do you delight in? How do you see others around you?

My husband and I visited a family for a day. They live in a fantastic house at the edge of the water. Up on stilts, the view is incredible and the sunsets, stunning.

We took a couple of their kayaks out on the water for a spin around some islands in the giant bay. Our paddles dipped into the warm water to catapult us forward. Eagles, osprey, pelicans, and ducks were our companions in the air, on the shore, in trees, and in waterways. An occasional fish jumped and plopped into the water causing a ripple in the otherwise calm sea. Other marvelous houses lined the Florida shore.

This unimaginable day could make a person wish they lived in a special place on earth.

I swatted at a bug.

We pulled the kayaks back up onto the shore beside their house to rinse them before storing them, to wait until the next trip out.

As I scratched at one of many bug bites on my leg, I realized—there are always problems, even in paradise.

You’ve heard the adage—the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I heard someone add, yes, but you still need to mow it.

We all have something someone else desires. We are distinct, look different, have various talents and gifts. God made us unique and blessed us all in particular ways.

Embrace who you are, where you live, what you do for a living, what family you belong to, your gender, your skin color, your height, weight, hindrances, and abilities. God made you the perfect person for His kingdom.

Do you belong to His kingdom? Are you His child?

You are His, if you’ve trusted Christ as your Savior. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Then, my friend, you are His. Adopted into His family, into His kingdom. In the Father’s eyes, you are a saint. You are an heir, a prince, or a princess. You are forgiven and bought with a price making you priceless. You are blameless. You are a child of light. You have access to all spiritual blessings.

We should be content with where we are and who we are. We should focus on the Lord and His goodness. Appreciate things that others have but don’t get caught up in the envy game.

Delight yourself in the Lord. (Psalm 37:4 and Isaiah 58:14) He and His kingdom should be what we desire.



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