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 Interruption by robin Densmore Fuson

Allegory Speculative Fiction

Take a view into the unseen world with Faphick, guardian of Jackie Carter, as he protects her while she learns her life's purpose. Visit heaven with her in her near death experience and watch her earthly world unfold.  

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Interruption Endorsements:

In the tradition of Lewis, Robin {insert pen name you go by} brings us the flipside of the Screwtape letters. This very thoughtful work of speculative, theologically sound, fiction asks the question: How can our guardian angels keep our feet from “dashing against a stone” (Ps 91:11-12) while still allowing our character to be developed through trials (James 1:2-5; Rom 5:3-5); not to mention still experience the consequences for our sin (Gal 6:7; Eph 4:30). I do not want to give anything away, but I have been preaching for 30 years and I kept thinking, as I was reading, “Why hadn’t I thought of that?” 😊

You need to read this book! It will encourage your heart and sharpen your walk.

Pastor Scott Sundin

Word of Grace Fellowship

Kansas City MO


I found Interruption somewhere between Frank Peretti's books and Pilgrim's Progress. I love Robin's descriptions. Her words came alive. The characters were real, especially the All-Knowing One, who I felt closer to as the story progressed. Very good book, one I highly recommend.

Randy Tramp, Author of Night to Knight. 


Robin Densmore Fuson’s book, “Interruption” is the perfect interruption in Christian fiction. An easy read that allows you to parallel your life to the main character, Jacquelyn. Whether you have physically experienced a second chance at life or you view embracing the newness of life Christ provides us through salvation, it will speak to you in such positive ways!

-Pastor Katherine S. Ferry

Children’s Pastor



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