Cover Reveal: Christmas Inheritance

 Coming soon! In time for Christmas. 

In Denver, Colorado 1966, seeming strangers Annette Lorings and Brad Tice are summoned to a lawyer’s office to listen to a surprising partial reading of the last will of Margaret Chrisholds. In order to receive a mysterious inheritance which will be revealed on Christmas Eve, Annette and Brad together must complete twenty-five tasks over the next few months.

In letters from the grave, Margaret makes it clear she hopes they will m establish a romance. The tasks include taking road trips and local outings, visiting museums, cooking classes, helping the less fortunate, and flying to San Francisco where Mrs. Chrisholds met Annette and Brad during their forgotten childhoods. With all the money that’s being lavished on these two in meals, vacations, and expensive clothing, Annette and Brad are lulled into something more than friendship as they grow closer.

The late Margaret Chrisholds might not have the power to manipulate a romance from the grave, but she sure seems to know a lot about the past and present. How will they deal with Brad’s jealous fiancĂ©, Rhonda, and Annette’s paralyzing, dark secret that threatens the inheritance and her future?

Take a trip to the past in this classy holiday romance.

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