My Review: The Cowboys

Four author set: The Cowboys. I give this collection a 5* review.  

I love to read cowboy stories. The "Wild West" hold adventure and hunky men with bulging muscles and a talent for saving the damsel in distress. These stories had all of these elements.

Healing Hearts by Cindy Ervin Huff:

Horseman extraordinaire Lonny and his brother Jed come across a squatter in their newly acquired cabin left to them by their uncle. But they can't kick her out in the middle of a snow storm. Now what? Needless to say, sparks fly until they get to know this beauty, Genny. She brought troubles of her own to these brothers trying to sort their own lives out. Genny has a knack with food and healing which both come in handy. I recommend this story. 

Becoming Brave by Jennifer Uhlarik:

Good sweet read with handsome cowpoke Coy Whittaker who is drawn to a woman found hiding in a log by dead bodies. Coy's protective nature comes alive with feisty Aimee Kaplin. He will need to protect her many times as they try to get the cattle to market. Fancy riding, muscle bound men, an ornery cook, secrets, gunfights, and Indians make for an exciting read. 

Trails End by Sandra Merville Hart:

Cowpoke Wade Chadwick needs to find a pay check while the cattle wait in a long line to board a train back east. Drink, gambling, or wild women are what the town offers. Instead of those pursuits, he takes a job as dishwasher in charming Abby Cox's Home Cooking establishment. Things start to go missing and suspicion flares. Drawn to Abby, Wade wants to protect her as well as his secret ambition to wed the beauty. She on the other hand although drawn to him, doesn't trust cowboys. In her mind, family first is what matters. Fearful woman meets strong protective male. Sparks fly as passion mounts. 

Loving a Harvey Girl by Linda Yezak:

Strapping and handsome Cal Stevens was smitten the first moment he laid eyes on Eva Knowles who arrived into town moments before. Frightened, hungry, and out of work, Eva allows the handsome man to take her to dinner. He helps her find a job as his heart is set on the beauty. A quick learner and full of grace and poise Eva excels at her job. Her interests lie in sending money home to an ailing parent and siblings. She has no desire to marry. Cal needs to change this darling's mind. But another woman has her sights on the strong handsome man. A little conniving from two females can make or break the budding relationship. A wonderful triangle tangled web of infatuation. 



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