Race of Her Heart

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I've been busy the last few months. Race of Her Heart came to me three years ago and with interruptions of contracts for other books, she is finally finished. This is my first full length novel. I love this story set in the place of my birth, in the wonderfully majestic Colorado mountains.

Race of Her Heart (Romantic Suspense Fiction)

Award Winning Romance Author

An engaged Jalyn Stewart returns to her hometown of Durango, Colorado following an accident that changed her life and Olympic dreams. A future with Timothy, her lawyer fiancĂ©, moves forward with his new business partnership and their wedding plans. Jalyn’s part-time journalist job brings an unexpected encounter with an old flame and sparks fly. Can she believe him when he says he has changed?

Disturbing messages and threats make her realize she's being stalked. Jalyn searches through her mind trying to discover why and who might be the stalker and does it have anything to do with her accident? Nothing points to the answers to her questions, causing more frustration. Jalyn’s faith is challenged as fear clutches her heart and soul.

An electric bicycle race takes Adam Walker to his home town of Durango, Colorado and through the mountains to the historic mining town of Silverton. His heart never got over the beautiful Jalyn after he left, hoping to be rid of the God she lived for. At their first encounter after his return, he notices she wears an engagement ring and his heart plummets. Can he accept them as friends or should he fight for more? Pride and a wager pits cycles against the mighty steam engine in an unheard-of race. Adam must conquer the mountain to win the race and the heart of the one he loves. Through overcoming dangerous obstacles is his new faith strong enough to rely on the Lord?

Race of Her Heart

Delight in what I think Jalyn and Adam look like, outfits, newspaper clippings, Colorado activities and venues, scenery and more on Race of Her Heart Pinterest Board


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