Restoration by Robin Densmore Fuson


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A Christmas novella which tells a twenty-five-year love story. Nurse Rebecca Porter and bush pilot Kyle Warren’s relationship started terrific, tight, memorable and romantic. Kyle swept Rebecca off her feet in a remarkable marriage proposal. Their fantastic wedding day surrounded by beauty, family, words of wisdom and promises made went without a hitch. An unexpected marvelous honeymoon trip took them up in the air to enjoy the rugged landscape of Alaska.

Can their storybook relationship go on without a flaw? Do they have what it takes to dig deep into their souls to heal, grow, and change?

Through the years, Christmas remained Rebecca’s favorite time of year when peace reigned for a day.

Love traveled with Rebecca and Kyle from the snow covered Mountains near Anchorage, Alaska to the vast ocean off Miami, Florida’s coast.

Helicopters, small aircraft, speed boats, and vintage cars marked their mode of transportation in this tale of hearts won through love language, prayer, and perseverance.   

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