A Glimps into Etching in the Snow

A call from her parents, sets Ashley Applegate, on a course to persuade her fiancĂ©, Garrett, to join her in Glenwood Springs, a town in the rugged Colorado Mountains. His parents join them on this adventure to build lasting relationships. The Thanksgiving turkey meal introduces twists to the lives of the families. Ashley’s sensitive heart senses Garrett is up to something and struggles with the trust she knows she should give. 
Strong willed and far-sighted Garrett Hartman, is good in business and used to getting his way. Opportunities offer themselves and he jumps in to move mountains to lavish gifts on his cherished Ashley and her parent’s. He finds a unique way to show his romantic side to his bride to be. Not to be outdone, he invites strangers over for Thanksgiving who will become more to the families than he could have predicted.
Snow covered landscapes are the backdrop to develop and strengthen relationships with friends and family. Unexpected events bring joy and tears to the lives of this young couple. From snowmobile rides, skiing, and hot mineral springs, to shopping and finding the perfect dress—can you think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving?
Quotes from the book:
I’ve loved you for a very long time and would wait an eternity for you.
I love you for your character, grace, and beauty.
“Don’t cry! You’ll ruin your makeup.”
Amazing what waterproof does—held back a waterfall.
The brown, wood sided building beckoned and her booted feet obeyed.
She pinched her right hand. “Yep, I’m awake and not dreaming.”
She regarded the dark window and the image of the words lit by candles clearly rolled across her mind.
A man that can make women weep by only slipping a note to his true love in a turkey is remarkable.
Her recounting of the story had the men chuckling, but Ashley felt she had enjoyed a chick flick.
Let’s go snuggle by the fire as I let this sink in.”
She sailed passed them out to the yard, and into Garrett’s waiting arms.
The buggers still had their antlers locked when we came to a stop.
“They’re used to fighting for the one they love on the side of a mountain in a blizzard.”
His pink body squirmed under the warming lights.
“You read about them in books but to observe this first hand is incredible. Fairytales exist!”
“Wow. Slow down and catch your breath.”
“Don’t you smell the smoke?”
Jitters interfered with her typing and mouse gliding.
Ashley walked in to a scene that would be burned into her heart and mind the rest of her life.
She’d never seen this firsthand, and it wrenched both emotionally and physically.
“Honey, you look amazing! I love your dress! How did you find one so quickly?”
She lowered her voice an octave and rippled a chuckle.
“If this place is as beautiful inside, we must have crossed the bridge into a fairyland.”
I’m afraid we caught a nerve.
A scream erupted out of Ashley. “Hang on!” shouted Mary.
“Don’t you need to present a good faith letter or something to prove you’re not some sort of looky-loo?”
“We’ll keep learning about each other as we grow closer.”
You would trample the quaint little columbine.”
I can picture this tranquil place in spring when skinny green shoots poke out of the ground.
If only the walls could speak, the stories they’d tell.
Garrett acted as a jester trying to get the guys to guess his antics.
He hoped his hunch of her reaction would be more than he dreamed.
She’d either be ecstatic or kill him.
How am I going to stack up to his deals?
Ashley fingered a soft lacy creation.
Ashley marveled at how the dress slid on and fit her perfectly.
Ashley lifted her face and in the mirror stood a princess
Think about it, mountains, snow, skiing…” She deepened her voice. “And snuggling by the fireplace?”

All I need is to find the perfect dress. Another pair of eyes would be appreciated, and I’d love for you to go shopping with me.

“Can we go after all the holidays? With the extra work we won’t have energy to wade through silk and lace.”

“Anyway, I’m worth the wait.”

“Great! No explosions, killings, poisonings, or flooding.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t faint before we get there.”

Garrett chuckled at the memory of Ashley’s childlike excitement of the upcoming trip.

She had no idea of the plans he made.

Worry marked Ashley’s forehead with furrows and tensed her trapezius muscles.
Tears came which he didn’t try to stop had he been able

The long, lonely night turned into bracing exchange and lighthearted banter which gave Ashley the jolt of energy she needed.

Ashley looked at her watch. “Oh no! Pray I get home in time!”

Unused to first-class seating, Ashley reveled in the comfort.

Ashley gazed out the window at Denver sparkling like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

The heated blush crept up her neck and graced her cheeks

The widening of her eyes when she set foot into the lobby filled his heart with joy.

The intensity of her gaze to her surroundings burned into his mind

April was a terribly long time to wait. But she was worth it.

Etching in the Snow


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