Lasso Love: history and cowboys

To write my stories accurately, I pore over maps, read historical blogs, look up terms, and research when stuff was used by the general public during the time frame of my book. In other words, research research research. Hours spent on this can be tedious but always rewarding.

Research is fun, especially when searching faces and physique of characters. A writer loves to have a face to go with the character. So first, I describe my character on paper and then find pictures to match that general description. That's why I also like to pick my cover early in the process. I may have to change something in the physical description if I cannot find a cover to represent my character. I love my cover!

Cowboys and frontier woman were the focus for Lasso Love. I started a Pinterest Lasso Love  page with pictures to feed my imagination. I must admit, perusing pictures of cowboys was not difficult. Fun indeed! I probably spent way too much time looking at the hunks. Lol!

A dog in my story, I thought, would yield dimension and heighten the story. Man and "best" friend, so to speak. My character, Wesley has a best friend in a dog and horse. Rex and Marauder become characters in themselves with personalities interwoven through the story. I posted pictures on Pinterest.

So, if you have a moment, check out my Pinterest page and then you may get a glimpse into the characters so you can appreciate the book a little more.

Happy perusing and reading :)

Lasso Love by Robin Densmore Fuson

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