Lasso love: A glimpse

In Deer Creek area of the Colorado Territory 1869, Wesley and Eliza are childhood friends until he and his mom move back east.

In 1877, nineteen-year-old Eliza, still unmarried has been promised to a man she loathes and doesn't trust. A promise made by her pa is a promise but strong-willed Eliza, is holding out for love, not convenience.

Wesley rides back into her life and wonders if she will recognize him after all these years. He knows exactly who she is and is immediately drawn to her. As he thought, she is as headstrong as she was as a child, only now she is also beautiful. His uncle on the other hand has not changed. He still keeps his distance, not telling the hands that Wesley is the new foreman on his expansive ranch. Rex, his dog will keep Wesley company and give him piece of mind on this wild and sometimes treacherous land and among rough cowboys.

Eliza's horse is spooked causing her buckboard to fly over the landscape nearly crashing. Did her intended spook the horse deliberately so she would rush into his waiting arms? How dare he?

An accident brings Wesley and Eliza together for the sake of Rex's life. While taking care of Rex, a shadowy figure watches the house.

A race for the top competitor shows Wesley's skill as a horseman and endears him to his men. But is that enough to get them through the vigorous trail drive? Danger awaits. Will they survive the hundreds of miles back to the ranch? What of the profit from the sale of the cattle?

Eliza joins the men on the cattle drive. What risks develop with a single woman in a pack of men, horses, cows, rugged terrain, and unpredictable weather. Eliza trusts Wesley and the Lord to get her through the weeks on the trail. Wesley depends on his Lord even when using his skill and sometimes his lariat and revolver.

Wesley's lariat comes in handy roping cows, horses, and an occasional bad guy. Lasso a woman? Out of the question, or is it?

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