The Dress Shop: A Glimpse into the pages

                                                                    The Dress Shop
                                                             By Robin Densmore Fuson

When her father is killed in a train crash, twenty-one-year-old Marian Jamison is left to care for herself and her mother. She admires Thomas, who enters her life by design. Mysterious occurrences and a voice in the night make Marian question her mother’s sanity. She is left not knowing whom to trust, including her own heart. Love and intrigue are woven into an intricate design, fitting perfectly inside the walls of the dress shop, but a loose thread could unravel her entire world.

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Let's take a closer look:

In the beginning of 1900 in New York, Marian’s life suddenly changed when her father was killed in a train accident and her mother injured. The question arises as to how she will support herself and her mother in a new town where the only people she knows are family. Her grandmother intervenes giving her a new life--making clothing and being the sole proprietor of a dress shop.

The story opens with a chance encounter of a handsome man, Thomas, whom Marian has been admiring through the window of her dress shop. Soon after, Marian receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the handsome man. They are wrapped in the New York Journal, the fashion section with one particular dress circled. A note was crawled in the margin, You would look enchanting in this. Marian felt the heat race up her cheeks and turned so her mother wouldn't see and start asking questions.

After her father died, she kept only a few possessions belonging to him and gave the rest away. Marian is worried for her mother’s mental health when often she slips into the past thinking her husband is still alive. This is triggered when her father’s gloves then his slippers appear in their house. 

Strange occurrences set the whole household on edge. A smell in the night rouses Marian out of bed. "Who's there?" Her heart pounded and her hands grew clammy. Sounds, articles appearing, smells, what might happen next? Are their lives at risk?

These happening started at the time Thomas came into Marian's life. She wants to trust him but doubts give way to fear.  Will her growing affection overcome the questions and fear? 

The Dress Shop has its own Pinterest Board where you will find clothes, gardens, buildings, and more appropriate to the time period. 


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