The Tent Peg

“He is trying to destroy you!”

“What shall I do?”

“Heber, stand up for yourself. He’s been taking your land. Now he wants you, a shepherd, to fight in his army. I say no! Enough is enough! Anyway, I am fearful to go against the Israelites. I believe. Their side is the one we should join.”

Jael, my wife, my love, you’re right. I’ll secretly send a message to Barak and let him know we are on their side and not Sisera’s. We’ll have their backs even if it’s with a crook and sling shot. Now, give me a kiss, for I’m off to take care of the matter.”

I couldn’t stay angry with such a one as he. He will always own my heart. I would do anything for him.


“I’ve received an answer to my message. Barak says, Debra and he are on their way to Mount Tabor to fight against Sisera and his chariots. If Sisera’s army flee this way, we are to do what we can.”

“Good news. I’m sure their God will deliver them into their hands. He always does.”

“Now, stay out of trouble while I climb the hill. Some sheep wandered off.”

He kissed me and held me close before he left.

I swept the ground in front of our tent and something in the distance caught my eye. A form of a man, running. Strange. I went to investigate. Recognition hit me. Well, if it isn’t the scoundrel himself. Sisera! What should I do with him?

“Sisera! Come, you are about dead on your feet!”

“Jael, my good friend Heber’s wife. Please, I must hide!”

“The tent is a good place to lie low. Enter and I’ll give you refreshment and you can rest. All your worries will fade.”

“Thank you!”

“Lie back on these mats. The blankets hide you.”


“Here is some fresh milk to relax you.”

His muffled voice came from the bundles. “Am I well hidden?”

“Calm yourself. It appears as an unmade bed.”

“Stand at the door. Don’t tell anyone I’m here!”

“Worry not.”

About a half hour later, soft snoring comes from the mound.

I checked him. Yes. Asleep. I went to the side of our dwelling where we kept a few tools. I rummaged until I found what I sought—a hammer and a tent peg. I softly approached. Knelt at his head. Lined up the peg over his temple and closed my eyes. I slammed the hammer on its mark. Blood! More than I realized there’d be. All over me.  

I wipe my face with a cloth. Outside, I hear warriors.

I run out. “Barak, I assume?”

“Yes, is your husband, Heber home?”

“No, but the one you seek is inside. Come.”

“He’s dead!”

Heber barged in. “What is all the commotion? Jael, my love are you alright? Blood!”

“Yes dear I’m fine. Not my blood. No more worry. He won’t bother you or Israel again.”


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