World Off-Axis by Robin Densmore Fuson


Have you ever felt your world to be off axis? Gone askew? 

I prostrated myself on the kitchen floor, begging God to intervene. Our daughter, Cindy, had fallen prey to a guy who had attended our church for the last several weeks. He had somehow tilted her world off-axis and she decided to run away.

My husband sabotaged her car and Cindy took off on foot. Kathy, our oldest daughter, found her and talked her into coming home. She and her dad sat in the living room talking and he acknowledged at eighteen, she could leave.

On the kitchen floor, I pleaded with the one who could help. “Lord, please help Cindy hear your voice. She knows in her heart that this is wrong. Please draw her to yourself. Let me know what I can do.” An immediate answer—call the boy she met at college. I jumped up and motioned for Kathy. When we got out of hearing and sight, I said, “Go find Nathan, the young man from college Cindy talked about. I think he lives in Pennsylvania.”

Kathy snuck up to Cindy’s room and found an envelope with his address.

She returned and looked him up online in the white pages and gave him a call. Fortunately, he was home. Kathy filled him in on the situation. He liked Cindy and agreed to talk to her.

We asked him to call back.

Cindy made up her mind to leave and had gone up to her room to pack. My heart throbbed in my throat. I kept praying. I knew Kathy and my husband were also praying.

The phone rang. Kathy answered and called up to her sister. “Cindy it’s for you, some guy you met in college, named Nathan.”

She met her on the stairs and handed her the phone. Cindy didn’t want to talk but she couldn’t hang up on him. She liked him and sat on the top step. “Hello?”

They talked for hours. The Lord had answered our prayers and done what he does best—whispered into her heart. She saw things clearly. Her world righted. Cindy heeded his voice and changed from rebellious to obedient. Not only obedient to us but utmost importance, obedience to the Lord.

After the summer, Cindy went back to college, where she and Nathan got better acquainted. Their friendship blossomed into a romance. Every time we talked on the phone, the conversation centered on Nathan. I smiled and thanked the Lord.

The next summer, I was proud to call him son. They serve the Lord and recently celebrated nineteen years of marriage. The Lord has blessed them with four children. I thank the Lord for that lesson in my life. He hears all prayers and still works miracles in our lives.

How has God worked in your life in a mighty way?

Bend down, O Lord, and hear my prayer; answer me, for I need your help.

Psalm 86:1 (nlt)

Father, thank you for working in our lives and hearing our prayers. Thank you that I can ask huge and small things. Thank you for those times when you need to right my world and help me to be willing to go through the process. Please help me to be prayerfully vigilant and listen to your prodding. Help me to see you working in my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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