Tormenting Heat by Robin Densmore Fuson


Have you ever been so hot you thought you’d melt?

There’s been a heatwave across the nation. In June, temperatures here in Florida already hit a hundred. The month of May saw the high eighties. Summer came early.

I take medication that gives me hot flashes like I had a decade ago when I went through menopause. The kind of heat that starts in my core and radiates up to my head, making me think the top of my head will explode.

I break out in a sweat. I fan my face. If I had a swimming pool, I’d jump in, clothes and all. I pretend I need something out of the freezer. I’m miserable.

That got me thinking about Hell. Jesus tells a story about a rich man who had all the comforts of life and a poor man named Lazarus. Lazarus begged for food at the gate and dogs came and licked his sores. They both died. Lazarus went to paradise and the rich man rejected God and went to Hell where he suffered. The rich man asked Lazarus to dip his finger in water and drip it on the rich man’s tongue because he was in torment from the flames. (Luke 16:19-31)

Hell. Flames and suffering. Unquenchable fires of Hell. That is how the Bible describes the place of punishment for those who reject Him. Jesus spoke more about Hell than Heaven.

My uncomfortable hot flashes are nothing like the torment waiting for unrepentant souls.

Think about it.

Heaven is a glorious place where the Lord is and all pain is wiped away. No more pain. No more tears. Jesus said if you trust Him as Savior, He is preparing lodging for you in Heaven. Imagine, the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, beauty, new bodies, streets of gold, music, loved ones who have gone there ahead, and more are waiting for all who have trusted what Jesus did on the cross for their sin. I am so thankful that I trusted the Lord as my savior. Thank you Father for sending Your son to die in my place.

At the end of the story of Lazarus and the rich man, the rich man asked that Lazarus go tell his family so they would believe in God and not come to this place of torment. Jesus said, if they don’t believe the prophets (God’s Word) then they won’t believe someone who is raised from the dead.

What does it take for someone to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ? What about you?

If you’ve not trusted Jesus as your savior, now is the time.

If you’ve trusted Him for paying for your sin and have a personal relationship with the Lord, I will see you there!

For more information on becoming a child of God or someone who trusts Jesus as their savior, watch this video:

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