Superhero by Robin Densmore Fuson

There is so much talk about superheroes and all the amazing things they can do. Children and adults watch their antics on TV and movies. They play video games featuring them. People collect figurines of their favorite hero.

There is one superhero that has been overlooked. His super ability is Super Atomic Ultra Radio Frequency Hearing. He monitors cell phones, listening for the distress word “help.” His name is Ringtone. Here is his picture.
Every time he hears anyone anywhere say “help” on a cell phone he appears there ready to help. He is always listening to billions of phone conversations all at the same time and is able to zero in on the word help. It doesn’t matter what the help they need is, he is always there ready and able to help. The chatter of the phone is hard business to unravel, but with his Super Atomic Ultra Radio Frequency Hearing or S. A. U. R. F. H. he can discern the word help.

Once a little boy got on the cell phone and dialed 911 saying “help!” Immediately Ringtone sprang into action and like lightening he was there. The little boy was crying, sitting by his mom patting her head. She had fallen down the stairs and could not wake up. Ringtone used his special suit to call to make sure the proper help was on the way. He waited with the little boy until the paramedics got there and slipped away before anyone noticed him.

His suit is so cool. He can use it to call anyone anywhere in the world. He just puts his sleeve to his mouth and talks into it. He mostly uses it to phone the authorities, fire, or medical emergency teams.

Another time, through all the chatter, he heard a woman on the phone. “Help! I’m stuck in this room and there is a fire!” Immediately he was there and broke down the door and got the woman out before the fire men and equipment got to the scene.

Sometimes he hears conversations like: “Mom, could you come over today? I need help with the children. They are all sick.” Like a flash he was there just like always. He focused on the word help and help he did. He ended up helping the lady with her children until her mom got there.

He has worked alongside other superheroes but doesn’t stay around for special notice. He backs out of the scene as soon as help is near. He never gets the accolades, or praise, like the other heroes. This is how he wants it to be.

Keep a watchful eye out for him. It is very hard to catch a glimpse of him helping people. You will not be able to catch him easily. He is soft spoken and humble. Even his suit is nondescript. It is tan and brown not bright colors like most of the other super heroes.

All he wants to do is help others. He doesn’t do it to make a name for himself. He was born with this special hearing ability and he put it to good work. So, if you are ever in need of help, just pick up the phone and say the word.


  1. This superhero sounds amazing to me. I wish he existed in real life. There are so many people out there who need help but have no one to help them.


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