My Review of Because of Bethlehem by Max Lucado


This is a devotional Bible study for groups. It comes with four-companion videos that are around 15 minutes each.

The study is set up for four weeks before Christmas, zeroing in on four aspects of the nativity for advent. Each chapter broken up into sections, first is the video, second is group discussion and activities, and third is homework called Advent Practice.

I love Max’s word pictures and the stories he tells in these videos. In the book, there are quotes from the video and room on the pages for notes.

After watching the video, the questions and activities are geared to get your group into good discussions. Then each participate is encouraged to continue through the week in homework activities that enlighten and strengthen their experience with God.

The first chapter is titled: God has a face. Jesus came to experience life as a human so He could understand us and we could relate to Him. I love the picture painted by words of Mary caressing her baby’s face.

The second chapter is titled: Worship Works Wonders. A question comes up, what is worship? Max brings out the fact of the angels giving Jesus the gift of worship. That’s our example. The Lord gives us the opportunity to continue the worship.

Session 3 is titled: God Guides the Wise. God used the natural world to get the magi’s attention. We get the opportunity to find the Lord around us if we look. How do we respond to evidence of the Lord?

The last week’s title is: Every Heart a Manger. This session talks about trees and their significance and the way they reflect our spiritual lives.

I highly recommend this study for students of all ages and levels of maturity. There is something for everyone.  I gave Because of Bethlehem 5*

As a side note: He did a Bible Study video series with this title earlier that I found on YouTube and those videos are longer and great too. Also, there is a musical that came out this year with the same title that is in theaters for a brief time.


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