Storyteller and Children's Literature Author

Where is She?

My mind is empty. Well, not my complete mind, sometimes it flows too fast with random thoughts. The part of my mind that is my creative storyteller, is on vacation. How do I bring her back? This creative storyteller, whom I have enjoyed her company and relied on, is nowhere to be seen. This is frustrating.

A few months ago, she vanished. One day she was there, happy as a lark, making up incredible things, and then… poof! Gone! It was like a switch had been flipped. Every day I call her. Sometimes, I get a headache trying to reach her. She’s elusive.
I pray for her return. Every day, I ask the Lord what He wants me to write. Then, when time has slipped away and I need a blog story, I rely on teaching instead of storytelling. This is an easier thing for me to do.

Last year, I started a series, The Life of David. We didn’t have curriculum for the children at church for the traditional Sunday school hour. I have written curriculum before and I’m comfortable teaching all ages using just my Bible. I look up things in commentaries and maps and love to make handouts. I prayed about what to teach and the Lord said: David and his life.

So, along with my cute stories about animals and the biblical character lessons they learn, I started incorporating those lessons on David. There are now 16 lessons on David and I am up to the part of Absalom’s rebellion and death. The Lord has blessed these lessons and many hundreds of people around the world have read them. I will finish up these over time and probably go to Daniel next.

The best work that comes off the page is when the Lord and I partner. When He guides my lessons, stories, and even this post, they come alive. His hand has guided my best work. I know when He has been present, and unfortunately, when I write on my own. I’m sure you, the reader, have seen it too.

The Lord gives us strength: Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This verse doesn't just mean physical strength. The strength is also spiritual. It's a deep confidence in who you are in Christ. The strength the Lord gives you, is in and through what He has already given you. This strength includes your temperament and talents. He makes you a better you, giving His power to strengthen the real you inside and therefore to do the things He has called you to do and be the person He wants you do be. Therefore, I keep asking Him to give me the words He wants me to say in my stories.
I’m still at a loss as to where my creative storyteller went for the cute animal/people stories. Every writer, at one time or another, has writer’s block. Not fun! A while back when I was struggling with writer's block, I put a post on Face Book requesting parents to tell me what their child is frustrating them with. If I have a topic or an animal suggestion, that suggestion will normally bring out my creative storyteller. At that time, I received a few good ideas and off I went with my creative storyteller in the lead. I thank you for those ideas.

So here were are. No sign of my creative storyteller and I need your help. Please pray with me. If you have a topic that you think is needed, let me know and I’ll pray about it and see if that brings her back. You can post your thoughts below. Sometimes, the Lord uses others to help you see what He wants you to do--even writing a story for the world to read. 

I sure hope my creative storyteller comes back happy, rested, and most importantly, brilliantly creative!


Boarding Pass (Finalist 2013)

Robin Densmore Fuson

Boarding Pass

Crystal couldn’t find it. Panic seized her as she dumped out her bag on the seat next to her. Rummaging through everything for the third time, she finally admitted the boarding pass was not there. What am I going to do? Where did I lose it? Did someone steal it?

Okay, calm down. Involuntarily, she heard her mother’s voice, “Retrace your steps.” Tears stung her eyes. Quit thinking about mother! She blinked rapidly and squared her shoulders. Where did I last see it? I had it when I went through security. I remember putting it back in my bag. The train was crowded. I wonder if someone slipped it out of my bag. In the restroom I hung my bag on the back of the door. I don’t remember seeing it when I paid for my coffee. Somewhere between security and here…

Crystal discovered it was missing a few minutes ago, when she heard the flight attendant over the loud speaker say they were starting to board. That is when her frantic search began. She was willing herself not to cry. Little things like this had been getting to her ever since her last visit with her mother. She was handling the big things alright, but the smaller ones would tip the scales. Still rummaging through her bag, she slowly walked toward the counter.

A deep voice at her elbow said, “Are you looking for this?”

Crystal jumped and looked up into an amused expression on an otherwise kind face. Then, her eyes slid down to his hand which held a boarding pass. Frowning, she looked closer and saw it had her name on it.

“How? Why do you have my boarding pass?” Her mind reeled. Did he steal it? Was this a ploy? Is she in danger?

“Don’t worry, I didn’t steal it. When you were darting into the overcrowded train, right before the doors shut, your pass slipped out of your bag on your shoulder. The train took off and the back draft lifted your pass. I was able to retrieve it, but had to wait until the next train. I was relieved you remembered your gate number so I could find you.”

Crystal tentatively reached for the pass. He relinquished it easily. She didn’t know what to say. It was plausible and yet…”Thank you.”

He bowed slightly, “You are welcome. You look a little alarmed. I can assure you, I am perfectly harmless. Crystal, I prayed I would find you before you were in a panic. I see I arrived just in time. Here is my card. God will go with you as you visit your ailing mother.”

Crystal was too stunned to do anything but watch him as he turned around. How did he know about mother? Her eyes went down to the card in her hand.

Jeremiah Gabriel

Warrior   Messenger

On the Lookout for Those in Need

Crystal’s eyes flew to where his retreating form should have been, but he was gone. She felt strangely comforted as she boarded her flight to see her mother one last time.



The Skinny Cat

The Skinny Cat

          The bruises on my neck are obvious. Her reflection in the mirror showed bright eyes and her fingers caressing the raised marks. If I tie this scarf around my neck, just so… there, that’s better. Now, get that frightened look out of your eyes. Calm down.
          The tea kettle interrupted her internal monologue. She fixed some tea and snuggled under the blanket on the sofa. Rosalyn replayed the events of yesterday as she drank the steaming brew.
          His eyes were menacing! I wish I’d never gone there. Me and my curiosity. Momma said it’d get me into trouble and this time it did. I nearly got killed! If it hadn’t been for the cat… If only I’d stayed on the lane. It’s been years since I’ve taken the shortcut through Delany’s.
          The morning had been beautiful, with a blue cloudless sky, trees moving slightly through the breeze, and the soft grass under my feet. He didn’t hear my approach. The barn door stood ajar. His back was to me as I slipped in. My eyes adjusted to the darkness just as I saw him… or did I hear him first? It must have been at the same time. The shovel thumped the ground as he patted it smooth. He leaned the shovel against the wall and stepped back to view his handiwork. I should’ve left the moment I saw him but having a curious nature, I stepped closer. That’s when he heard me. He spun around, leapt at me, and grabbed me. It happened fast and before I knew it, he had his hands around my throat, choking off my voice and breath.
           “What are you doing here?” He sneered.
            His breath almost made me swoon.
           “You’ll not get my treasure nor a chance to tell anyone about it either.” He squeezed tighter. Everything started to go black.
           At that moment, the cat jumped on his back. He dropped his hold with a yelp. My skirt tangled up and almost tripped me as I ran faster than I ever had before. I didn’t glance back.
          When I got home, I locked myself in and moved the chest in front of the door. I checked the windows and crawled into the back of my closet. I dozed off. The knocking on the door woke me. After recognizing the sheriff’s voice, I moved the chest and opened the door.
          “Yes Ma’am, we caught him. We’d been tracking him, saw you running, and grabbed him as he flew out the barn coiled tight as a rattlesnake ready to strike. He robbed the train a week ago and a reward was set for his apprehension. You’ll be notified when you can retrieve it.”
          “Why would I get the reward?”
          “Seems to me, you witnessed where he buried the money and led us to his whereabouts. I’ll write up the report from your testimony. There will be some papers to sign but other than that you won’t have to do a thing, not even testify. Don’t worry your pretty little head about anything. Well, that about covers it.  I’ll let myself out now and you won’t need to use the chest against the door,” he said with a wink and a smile.
          Rosalyn caressed the cat as it purred on her lap. The sheriff brought the skinny cat when he put two and two together. She smiled at the memory, picturing his face. He has a very nice smile.

Mishap on I 70 (Finalist 2014)

Mishap on I-70
            The cruise control on the car was set. Cora sat behind the wheel enjoying the early morning drive on I-70.  The weather was perfect. In about four more hours she would be hugging her grandchildren. She didn’t mind driving and felt confident to take the trip alone. The sun had eased slightly to her right, making it less blinding.

The first pain was so slight she hardly noticed. Cora shifted in her seat. That felt strange. I hope I’m not getting a headache. She arched her back in a stretch and swiveled her neck.

A few miles later, Cora became dizzy and decided to slow down a little. She’d just touched the brake, disengaging the cruise control, when the tunnel of vision started. She reacted instinctively, turning the wheel slightly to the right. All went black as her right front tire grabbed the shoulder, taking her off the road and into unconsciousness.

The car kept going with its own momentum, crashing through the fence. It traveled over bumpy terrain, slowing until it came to a rolling stop.

Cora woke to her husband’s voice. Charles sat next to the hospital bed she occupied.  “Cora honey, you’ve been in an accident and you’ve had a slight stroke but all signs indicate you’ll recover completely.”

“How long have I been here?”

“A little over a day. What do you remember?”

“I recall driving.” Cora frowned as she tried to process. “I’m not sure. I remember feeling a twinge in my head and stepping on the brake.  Did I pass out? What happened to the car? Did I hit anyone?”

“Take it easy dear,” Charles said as he patted her hand. “No one has been hurt. The car left I-70, crashed through a fence, over a field, weaved through the buildings, crossed a road, and landed at the entrance of the hospital. The only damage is the fence and the bumper of our car. That was some driving—but you say you lost consciousness while you were still on the highway?”

Cora frowned and nodded, taking it all in.

“Well all I can say is, ‘Thank you, Jesus, for sending a competent angel with impressive driving skills.’ Or do you possess a special talent I don’t know about for doing things while you are unconscious?”

Charles chuckled, leaned over, and gave her a kiss on her brow. He whispered thanks to the Lord again for preserving his beautiful bride of fifty-five years.