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Go by Robin Densmore Fuson *

  Do questions about your direction swirl around your head? Do you have direction but are afraid? Does your gut wrench? Every day of our lives we face the unknown. To some degree, each day is filled with uncertainty. Answers to questions may arise that directly influence our life from that moment on. Life gets interrupted and sometimes derailed. In the Bible, Abram (later called Abraham) received a call from the Lord to “go to a land that I will show you” (Genesis 12:1). Without hesitation, he unwaveringly left his family, house, and friends. As soon as he moved forward, his life changed. Sarai (Sarah) went with her husband. Can you imagine? One afternoon you’re sitting on the front porch drinking tea with your best friend, and the next day you’re wrapping your favorite vase and placing it gently into a box. Scripture doesn’t say how they felt. Did Sarai voice her opinion? Did she rapidly pack up her life, kiss her parents good-by, and scramble up on the camel for the great adv

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