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Garnish by Robin Densmore Fuson

  Do you like the garnish on the plate? What do you do with it?  An upscale restaurant makes a presentation of their meals. Smaller portions are works of art with a splash of sauce and a flourish of a garnish on the side. A garnish is a decoration—an embellishment—not necessary for nourishment but for eye appeal.  A lemon slice, sprig of parsley, mint leaf, or any pungent green herb, sits on top or to the side of the main fare.  A visual tease to what you hope is a scrumptious dish. What do you do with the garnish? Take a picture? Do you eat it? Move it out of the way? While pretty, it isn’t the main part of the meal. We often think of Jesus as a garnish. We know He’s there. We pray occasionally in Jesus’ name. We may refer to Him in an anguished swear. Jesus should be the whole meal. He should be our sustenance, not a decoration or the part we shove over to the side of our life. He should be the centerpiece. Jesus is the reason for everything. The whole Bible talks about Him

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