My Review of Sabotaged Christmas by Carole Brown


This is the first book I’ve read by Carole Brown. Check the spelling and don’t mix up her name with another Author, Carol Brown.

I love Christmas, romance, and mysteries, so this one was up my alley. A snow-covered background is a plus. A little more mistletoe would be perfect. (wink)

Sabotaged Christmas is a quaint story and each character maintains a unique voice. I appreciate the sprinkling of faith throughout. I could picture each placement of the settings with vivid imagery—in restaurants, offices, homes, and ice-skating. I’d love some of the ice-cream or hot chocolate.

The story was a bit disjointed on occasions and the verbiage leaned toward antiquated times. I don’t remember hearing someone ringing off (ending a call) to a cell phone just a rotary telephone. The clothing and design options for remodeling were outdated even for publishing in 2015.

I like the cover but wish it were awash with snow to match the scene when the quote is said in the book.

The mystery was too obvious for me and the Lawyer scene near the end to explain everything could’ve been written more clearly and concise. But for an old-time Christmas story, you can get a good read with Sabotaged Christmas. I plan to read another of her books.

As an honest reviewer, I can only give this book 3.5*



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