My Review of Courage to Pray by Victoria Isabel Roberts


My review of Courage to Pray by Victoria Isabel Roberts

I was gifted the chance to hear the author read the first chapter of Courage to Pray on Word Weavers Open Night Tuesdays (sign up if you aren’t already). It gripped my heart, so I had to purchase a copy. I had never read this author before and was pleasantly surprised. This YA book is not only for young adults. Any age will love this book. The characters come to life and go through heartache and pain, happiness and joy, and loneliness and face tough decisions.

The author took the real-life biblical person, Daniel, and created a character named Daniel, who also shows strong faith. This faith is of biblical portions but can be achieved by each of us. We can learn from this book. We all need to add more prayer to our daily lives and this book shows us the power of prayer.

Courage to Pray was well written, where the teens act like teens and the situations appear real. If you’re tenderhearted, you’ll need tissues as I found myself scrounging for them. I highly recommend this book and give it a strong five stars. (5*)   


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