My Review of Ladies of the Fire by Robin Luftig


My Review of Ladies of the Fire by Robin Luftig

Ladies of the Fire is a very good debut novel and holds a Selah Finalist award. The main character, Lily-Rose, and her friends around the fire are portrayed well. Their backgrounds and quarks are brought out and defined.

I love Lily-Rose’s family and the addition of their dog, Scout. I could picture the town and the house she and her kids settled into. I thought she created strong bad guy and strong good guy contrasts.

Spoiler Alert: I was disappointed in abrupt change in the attitude of Cole from thoughtful of her feelings and keeping his distance, for months, to a complete turnaround of demanding an answer to a maxed-out question in the middle of a disaster. He seemed to morph into a different character. I was also disappointed not to see the transformation of Christopher from villain to good guy. That in itself could’ve been very powerful. I feel we need to show the world how a person changes. What led up to that and how did they accept Jesus?

The story is plausible and is about greed and finding yourself in the middle of a disaster. Digging deep to find your courage to face another day.  

I give Ladies of the Fire 4*     


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