My Review of The Gilded Curse by Marilyn Turk


**Already posted on amazonMy review of The Gilded Curse by Marilyn Turk

I loved the setting and history of The Gilded Curse. The accuracy is sublime. Marilyn wrote in a way to bring the reader into each scene. The romance was sweet and perfect but I hated to see the book come to a close. What happens next with Lexie and Russell? Will there be any more secrets? How did the fire start?

I delighted in the descriptions especially the Gothic architecture of the chapel.

There are bad guys, seemingly bad guys, and an awesome good guy. I’d love to meet Russel. Lexi is a strong woman with a deep fear of the family curse. We are introduced to sweet old ladies and a busybody gossip, men to trust and others to run from. The Gilded Curse is a great novel to keep your interest from the first page to the last. I give The Gilded Curse 5*.


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