My Review of Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs


Review of Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible written by Liz Curtis Higgs

God’s word is truth. You see evidence in the fact that we see the good, and the bad, in the lives of His people. Liz Curtis Higgs does a wonderful job putting these women under the microscope and pulling up the tares so we can learn from their mistakes and outright sin. Also, she points out what they did right for another takeaway from the book.

Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible is designed for individual use, book clubs, or small and large Bible Study groups. Two sets of excellent discussion questions are in the back, targeted for personal, short discussions, or lengthy studies. You can use them as homework for each chapter.

These slightly naughty girls are wives and servants of the patriarchs in the Bible. Liz put in a twist by creating a contemporary element in a snapshot of a fictional woman with a parallel problem. Those are also well done. You need to read this book!

I did this study on my own. I highly recommend this study and if the opportunity presents itself, I’d do it again in a large group. I give Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible 5* and if there was a higher score, this one would get it. So, get yourself a copy of Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible.

Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible 


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