Life Lessons from a Frog by Robin Densmore Fuson


Can we learn from a frog? Does God speak to us in everyday occurrences? 

We are blessed with an outside/inside area. A lanai is a screened-in area and ours has a roof over part of 

it and it holds a table and chairs, a sectional, treadmill and weights, and most importantly, an in-ground 

hot tub. The hot tub helps my fibromyalgia symptoms.

Many of my writing ideas come to me as I relax in the swirling hot water. I enjoy a view of a small forest area behind our house and I appreciate the beautiful sky above my head. On occasion, lizards and frogs sneak in and check out our domain.

One day, I glanced over and found a tiny bright green frog sitting like a statue, gazing out through the screen into his domain. I wondered what he thought. Did he wish he hadn’t squeezed under the enclosure? Was he just hanging out? Was he taking a time out away from the hustle of life in a forest filled with family, friends, predators, and the hassle of finding food?

He seemed to me, as he sat flat-bottomed with the soles of his feet touching, that he contemplated life. He was chillin’ in the quiet of the lanai with no distractions.

I also sat in contemplation. The heat soothed and the only sound came from the jetted tub. Not even a breath of wind. No squirrels or birds to draw my attention. I did what I normally end up doing. I prayed. I thanked the Lord for His beautiful creation. I thanked Him for the gift of the hot tub and my house. I thanked Him for my husband who got up early to turn on the heater to the tub. I thanked him for His love for me. I thanked Him for the amazing blessings in my life, children, grandchildren, friends, and the abilities He gave me. I then thanked Him for the gift of my new green friend and the lesson he showed me of sitting quietly before my Lord and Savior.

Did the Lord send the frog to my dwelling so I could learn another lesson? I don’t think there are coincidences with the Lord. I think we need to learn from all things around us, even little green frogs. We need to praise the Lord for the smell of a rose or the belly laugh of a baby. The smile of a loved one or the touch of your grandchild’s hand. Do you thank Him for the little things, like when you’re running late and you come upon a fresh car crash that could’ve been you? Or the fact that the bees and butterflies love the flowers in your garden? Do you thank the Lord when you climb into your working vehicle? Or when the buzzer goes off to tell you the cookies are finished baking? What about when your alarm goes off? Do you thank the Lord for another day? Thank him. Praise Him. Your outlook on everything will brighten.

Don’t think that I’m one of those Pollyannas that sees a silver lining in every rain cloud. Remember the beginning when I said, I used the hot tub to help with my fibromyalgia? Chronic pain is difficult and can be unbearable. Sometimes walking is too painful for me to cross the room. I have constant pain in my hands. My back aches most days.

During the night can be intense. I change positions frequently so I don’t wake up too stiff. I need to get out of bed three to five times to stretch my legs to hopefully alleviate the pain. Too many times, I have to walk or jump for short periods on the rebounder to wear them out so they settle down and don’t throb. I praise the Lord, I’m on medication that took my bi-weekly three-day migraines away. I still have headaches at different degrees every day but the last migraine was nine months ago! My left knee gives me fits as if it’s giving out and sometimes I need to wear a knee brace. I keep a cane in my car “just in case.” At the moment, my back feels like it’s on fire with spasms. I thank the Lord for the things He has shown me to help with these issues like wrapping my knee at night to trick it into believing it’s comforted and the pain fades. Medications either don’t work or cause weird side effects. I don’t tell you this for sympathy but so you know I can empathize with you and what you’re going through. Also, my husband wanted me to share. 

Maybe my pain is one reason why I thank the Lord for the small gifts He brings. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 nlt)

 I love the song: I Will Praise You in the Storm by Casting Crowns. You can listen to it here:

Praise You in This Storm




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