My Review of Treasure in a Field by Sharon Connell

Indian legends, ghosts, pirates, and treasure. Oh, My! A story with old-fashioned charm.

Sharon Connell has created a book with great good guys and a seemly charming yet underhanded bad guy. Treasure in a Field starts on a sad note, including death. Pour yourself a cup of joe before you open the pages to be in-step with this family’s delight in drinking coffee at every turn. You’ll discover wonderful thick woods and farmland filled with horses and an amazing visiting dog that should have first billing.

I’m still scratching my head at how a narcissist would admit to any wrongdoing. 

Dust off your ancient vocabulary and step into the present but “back in time” to enjoy this long in descriptions tale, set in Nebraska, on a family farm where a bump in the night might not be what you’d expect. But then again…

Treasure in a Field



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