My review of The Wish Book Christmas by Lynn Austin

I bought this hardback novella from Lynn Austin, and she signed it but in no way did that influence my review.

PERFECT FOR CHRISTMAS and all through the year. 

This charming Christmas story, The Wish Book Christmas, will grab your heart and make you smile. I loved stepping back in time to when life felt less hectic, and people had decorum and wore smart outfits.

Adorable boys, all of five years old, introduce the reader to their mummies and take us into their lives living in the same household, raising the boys together.

The backstory is nicely sprinkled throughout giving the reader a chance to fall in love with these wonderful characters. Real-life struggles and problems are met head-on. I loved the way Lynn Austin brought in the real meaning of Christmas and I cried through the last quarter of the book. 

This story brought back memories in my life of toys in the store windows and shopping at the local Woolworth's five-and-dime. I'd spend hours perusing through the Sears catalog just like, Harry and Bobby.

I highly recommend this tender tale of courage, strength, determination, and love and give it five fat stars. 

The Wish Book Christmas


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