My Review of Michelle Kidd's Timeless Moments


My 5 * review of Timeless Moments by Michelle Kidd

I love the cover of Timeless Moments and the title is perfect. This well-written page-turner was intriguing from the beginning. A mystery written in a suspenseful way with romance sprinkled within. The Christian themed inspirational parts are woven in perfectly where needed. Michelle Kidd wrote this multi-time period where each player gets a chance to tell the story in his or her voice, drawing the reader into the scenes as they unfold. This way the live action is felt and heard, tasted and seen. The details are vivid and the storyline is strong. The history is spot on. The characters are well-developed and strong. Evil is evil through and through. The innocent is innocent to the end. The pain is real. The only thing not real is the time travel—well—maybe—you decide.  

Timeless Moments  


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