Dusting by Robin Densmore Fuson


Of all the household chores, dusting is not my favorite. Some people say, “It’s an easy, restful job.” Yes, it’s easy. Yes, I suppose you could say restful—trying to dust in a sprint might get something broken. Jogging in place is not advisable.

Listening to music eases the distaste of the mundane job. Do you do a room at a time or the whole house? I prefer to get it over in one shot.

Today, as I dusted a piece of furniture, that I’ve run my cloth over hundreds, if not thousands of times, I focused on the surface of the dresser.

The wood grain told me what kind of wood was used. I ran my fingers over the satin finish and realized that after staining, the workman must have sanded it and used many coats of sealer to make it so smooth. As the light from the window in the next room fell across it, I noticed reflections from items I had placed there.

I’m enjoying a Bible study with a group of women about prayer by Max Lucado. Prayer is simply talking to our Father. “Father, You are a compassionate Father. I need Your help in life’s journey, and my friends and family do too. I’m sorry for the things I’ve done to displease You. Thank You for loving us and providing for us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

This should be an easy task. One we should do often, in fact, every day and numerous times throughout the day. The Lord wants us to pray ‘without ceasing’ (1Thessalonians 5:17 KJV) or as the NLT says, ‘never stop praying.’ This means to live your day in a spirit of prayer. When things pop up, pray about them. Have your mind on the things above. On the Lord. Decisions to be made whether ginormous or minute should be brought before the Father, who wants what is best for you.

I can pray in small bursts or lengthy sessions. Like dusting—I can wipe my cloth over the piece quickly, or take time with oils and rub not just on top but over the sides and into crevices. 

Like dusting the furniture, we need to wipe away any sins by confessing them to our Father. As I wiped away the dust, I clearly saw reflections across the surface. When confession is finished, we will see His reflection on our life. If we look closely, we will see His beauty and His handy work on our lives.

Dusting today took on a different significance as the Lord brought my prayer life to mind. Yes, quick prayer is fine, but a long session is in order when we mean to do business with our Father and improve our spiritual life.




  1. Love your analogy. (And for the record, I hate dusting.) Here, dusting is something you do every day, all the time. There's never a surface that doesn't need wiped down, never a crevice or corner that doesn't need to be cleaned. Everything in my life needs the cleansing of the Holy Spirit, and every day. It has to be the daily, "Lord, I need You." Yes, the long seasons of prayer, the "get down to business" surrender. Thanks for reminding me!

    1. You are welcome. Thanks for visiting and reading :)


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