Sensitivity by Robin Densmore Fuson



This morning for some reason, the fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea popped into my head.

Why did that happen?

Most likely, because I forget to act like the princess in that story. If you remember, a young prince wanted a real princess for his wife. He had entertained many who said they were princesses but they didn’t fit his ideal.

One day, a young lady came to his home and said she was a princess. His mother wanted to make sure, so she had her sleep on an extremely tall bed with dozens of mattresses. Unknown to the one claiming to be a princess, the mother placed a pea under the bottom mattress. Sure enough, she felt the pea and even had a bruise to prove her worth as a real princess. Wedding bells could be heard all over the countryside.

This got me thinking. Do I act like a real princess? I am. I’m a princess because I’m a daughter of the King. My residence is in Heaven. I am adopted into His family. I am so many wonderful things because of my relationship to Christ who paid for me, ransomed me, and bought me with His precious blood.

The real princess in the story proved who she was by being sensitive to a small pea under a boatload of mattresses. Am I sensitive to His voice? His will? His calling on my life? Do I have life “bruises” to prove I am a real princess? I have the title but do I show the change in my life? Do I demonstrate the growth that should take place as I walk with Him and have a relationship with Him?

Before we came into the family of God, we were dead. Our spirit, our essence was dead. If we have trusted Christ as our Savior, we are then remade. God breathed life into us. The Holy Spirit took up residence in our soul and our spirit became alive. New. Reborn. Amen!

So now what? We need to act like the Prince or Princess we are. We need to be sensitive to our Father’s presence in our lives. We need to listen to Him and do His will. We ask for help from the Holy Spirit who wants to guide us and prick us to do what is right and discern good and evil. To read, meditate on, and obey His Word the Bible. The more we read God’s Word the more we understand and mature. Hebrews 5:14 Says, Solid Food is for those who are mature, who through training have the skill to recognize the difference between right and wrong.

So, today, I straightened my crown and leaned into what the Lord wants me to do today. Tomorrow, I pray I do that again—and again the next day. Every—single—day. I want to have the “bruises” to prove that I am His daughter, a real princess, sensitive to His voice. Sister, and brother, shall we do this together?



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