Review of Second Chance Homecoming by Linda K. Rodante

 My 5* review of Second Chance Homecoming by Linda K. Rodante

Aren't second chances wonderful? A gift. Sarah and Phillip get the gift of a second chance at love. Children, Ex's, and Secrets all make for a great story that we can all at some level, relate.  With God directing and orchestrating, 'happenstance,' these two meet and their relationship takes off better than before. Sarah's friends tease and nudge her into Phillip's arms.

I love the dialog that goes inside their thoughts as the two correspond. A little bit of sizzle makes this a sweet romance. A great fast read that has you turning the pages to the end. Linda, you did it again! Thanks for the entertainment with truth and a solid storyline. 

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  1. Thank you for such a good review, Robin! I enjoyed writing Sarah and Philip's story!

  2. Thank you, Robin, for your review!


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