Review of Another Author's Work: Roar

My review of Roar by Linda K Rodante

Another gripping novel by Linda K. Rodante where the battle is fought in the spiritual realm. This is the second in this series but is a standalone. Linda sprinkled bits of back story so the reader is caught up if not having read, Warrior. I love the aspects of the defined characters personalities and struggles. Becca, one of the main characters, struggles with self-confidence yet dances before God in worship with onlookers in church because she is obedient to her calling and puts Him first. Reece, an ex-gang member struggles to trust God. I love what he asks himself, "Can he let God be God?" We all struggle with that at times. Luis, the head of the gang, has hard decisions to make for survival but is drawn to the people of God. These characters struggle with real life issues. Yet, they also tread where many dare not go, to minister to the rough neighborhoods where the gangs rule. Suspenseful with red herrings and romance sprinkled in and all tied up with the emphasis on the Lord and what He can do, it doesn’t get much better than that. This page turner will keep you engaged and I highly recommend this book. 


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