Home Contenment part 2

Last week I wrote about being content in my home. The feeling of finally being home, embracing my surroundings, and accept this different place that I now call home.

How do you feel about your home? Do you embrace your place of residence? Your community?

I have an empty nest. My children are grown and given me many grandchildren to love but mostly from afar. I love my husband and we encourage each other in the Lord.

I yearn to make a difference in the lives of those in my community like Enoch did. I hope my life is an example of love like the Lord has for us. I want to spread truth and the word of God. Next Thursday, I get the privilege of speaking truth to a group of women. I hope I am used by the Lord to give words of encouragement and help them and myself strengthen our walk with the Lord.

I want to be a woman of faith—to be added to the wall of faith, like Enoch and others. There is still much to learn and areas for growth. I’m not near what I need to be but I’m working on it and through the Lord’s help I grow more like He wants me to be.

Are you content in your world? How would you rate your contentment? What kind of impact are you making in the lives of your family, neighbors, and community?   


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