Rosita Valdez children's chapter book series

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Rosita Valdez children's chapter book series with character building themes set in the 1950's on an island in the Pacific Ocean. The imaginative Rosie has many adventures on the island and surrounding ocean.

Book one: Rosita Valdez and the Giant Sea Turtle. Come on an adventure with eight-year-old Rosie and her friends as she meets a giant sea turtle in the cove. Watch and learn with Rosie as she struggles with truthfulness and as she jumps into action when crisis comes to the cove.

Book two: Rosita Valdez and the Attic's Secret. Rosie uncovers the secret the attic is holding. Along with her best friends, she encounters frightening noises and a clue that takes them all over the island. Pirates are on her mind as she uncovers more keys to unlocking the mystery. Rosie struggles with forgiveness when all is revealed.

Book three: Rosita Valdez and the Spanish Doll. Rosie is pulled into a mystery at her own birthday party. Will Papa unravel the puzzle? Toby, Rosie's sea turtle friend, appears and sails her through the water to meet an unlikely friend. Could she be in danger? Rosie demonstrates love, forgiveness, and a wiliness to let go as she searches for the truth.

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