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Robin recently moved to Murfreesboro,
Tennessee with her husband Jimmy and their Belgian Malinois, Kenzi. She and her
husband celebrate with an overflowing cup of blessings with seventeen
grandchildren. An award winner for romance and flash fiction, Robin is
multi-published and
also writes stories on her blog for children. Her historical and
contemporary romances are wrapped around a twist of intrigue. The Rosita Valdez
series for children lends itself to a character building
lesson through an adventure. Robin is a member
of Word Weavers
ACFW, and a member of John316 Marketing Network. Robin loves company and
challenging her young guests to discover the many giraffes in the obvious and
hidden nooks and crannies of their home. You can find out more on her blogs and other media sites listed on the side bar.

A Sparkle of Silver: Antiques and a Glimpse into the Pages

I love antiques. My husband and I like to peruse the wonderfully appointed stores in our town and Grand Junction. We live in a small town on the Western slope of Colorado. Rifle has one such store that purchases their inventory through estate sales and receive donations. The building is crowded but arranged well. The limited space causes the need for some things to be piled on others. A small drop leaf table and mismatched chairs made their way into our home as well as an end table and a couple of stools. A few pieces with character now grace our modest home.

In my newest creation, A sparkle of Silver, my character Amber Warren, thrives on finding, refurbishing, and staging pieces for her antique store that is owned by her parents and has been in the family for a few generations. She brings sparkle to the practical as well as obscure pieces.

When writing this story, a cat suddenly appeared on the page. Interesting. Okay, now I need to find the best name for said new character, who became an integral part of my cast. The store name now became crucial in picking the name for the white feline. The name of the store became Preowned Perfection, and thus Purrfect befit a savvy store cat.

Many things goes into the research of a story and location is one to consider. Amber's home is attached to the warehouse/store. The storefront is located on the west side of Broadway in Denver Colorado in an area referred to as Antique row.

Her hero, Jesse Nelson has his own landscaping and design business. One of the projects he designed and created in a client's backyard was a free flowing shaped pool with rock edges and upper and lower waterfalls. I hope the description I gave in the story takes you to an amazing illusion of cool waters in shade.

These ideas and more are in my up-coming novella, A Sparkle of Silver which should be available in the spring of 2018. On the pages you will discover the reason for the title. A special piece of silver takes her to someplace unexpected.


  1. Sounds interesting, Robin. And I, too, love antiques!

  2. Thank you :) I hope you get a chance to read it.


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