Attire of New York in 1900

Attire in New York, Early 1900’s

Clothes. I love perusing the fashion of eras gone by. Ruffles, flounces, and shows of femininity delight my romantic heart. Research on The Dress Shop brought me to pictures and pictures of beauties in flowing garments. Some dresses had puffed sleeves, others were long and flowing. High necklines covered in lace or the risky low cut version was the wearer’s choice. Large hats with ruffles and bows graced delicate features. The Gibson hairstyle came into vogue, which required no hat. To wear a bustle or corset were becoming optional. One thing was very clear, women braved her world with beauty and grace.
Please feel free to peruse my Pinterest board to see pictures of women and men’s attire.  


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