Mishap on I 70 (Finalist 2014)

Mishap on I-70
            The cruise control on the car was set. Cora sat behind the wheel enjoying the early morning drive on I-70.  The weather was perfect. In about four more hours she would be hugging her grandchildren. She didn’t mind driving and felt confident to take the trip alone. The sun had eased slightly to her right, making it less blinding.

The first pain was so slight she hardly noticed. Cora shifted in her seat. That felt strange. I hope I’m not getting a headache. She arched her back in a stretch and swiveled her neck.

A few miles later, Cora became dizzy and decided to slow down a little. She’d just touched the brake, disengaging the cruise control, when the tunnel of vision started. She reacted instinctively, turning the wheel slightly to the right. All went black as her right front tire grabbed the shoulder, taking her off the road and into unconsciousness.

The car kept going with its own momentum, crashing through the fence. It traveled over bumpy terrain, slowing until it came to a rolling stop.

Cora woke to her husband’s voice. Charles sat next to the hospital bed she occupied.  “Cora honey, you’ve been in an accident and you’ve had a slight stroke but all signs indicate you’ll recover completely.”

“How long have I been here?”

“A little over a day. What do you remember?”

“I recall driving.” Cora frowned as she tried to process. “I’m not sure. I remember feeling a twinge in my head and stepping on the brake.  Did I pass out? What happened to the car? Did I hit anyone?”

“Take it easy dear,” Charles said as he patted her hand. “No one has been hurt. The car left I-70, crashed through a fence, over a field, weaved through the buildings, crossed a road, and landed at the entrance of the hospital. The only damage is the fence and the bumper of our car. That was some driving—but you say you lost consciousness while you were still on the highway?”

Cora frowned and nodded, taking it all in.

“Well all I can say is, ‘Thank you, Jesus, for sending a competent angel with impressive driving skills.’ Or do you possess a special talent I don’t know about for doing things while you are unconscious?”

Charles chuckled, leaned over, and gave her a kiss on her brow. He whispered thanks to the Lord again for preserving his beautiful bride of fifty-five years.



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