Ringtone and the Soccer Ball by Robin Densmore Fuson

Ringtone our superhero is back in an exciting adventure. Remember he has super power called, Super Atomic Ultra Radio Frequency Hearing or S. A. U. R. F. H. He uses this power to discern the word help though the clutter on the phone waves or sometimes through the air.

Nine year old Bradley loves to play soccer. He is one of the best players on his team.

One day last summer, Bradley had finished his chores for the morning and plopped down in front of the television. He flipped through channels but nothing caught his interest. He felt he had nothing to do. Will, his best friend was on vacation. His sister had a sleepover at her friend’s house.

Bradley’s mom came in and flipped the T.V. off. “I have something special for you. Come outside.”

Sitting in the middle of the table on the deck was a brand new soccer ball. Bradley grabbed the ball. “Is this for me?”

“Yes Bradley, I thought you could use a new one. I noticed yours was flat.”

“Yeah, it won’t hold air anymore. I guess I wore it out. I was hoping for one on my birthday next month.”

“I thought you deserved a new ball because you’ve been doing your chores without being reminded.”

“Cool, thanks!”

“I’ll be in the basement doing laundry. Go have some fun. In about an hour I’ll make lunch.”

Bradley gave his mom a quick hug and ran off into the yard.

The decent size yard made a great playing field for a boy to play soccer in. He practiced leading his ball down the lawn a few times then he bounced it off parts of his body from his knees to his head. He set up his goal at one end and practiced tricky moves to make the goals.

On the other side of the yard from the goal he practices his angled long shots. Back and forth he played kicking, cheering himself on, and retrieving the ball. Every time he kicked, he kicked harder than before. He led the ball and with a mighty kick it went sailing higher and farther than he meant.

The ball flew over the fence and landed in the fork of the neighbor’s tree. The dog next door barked at the ball. Bradley was afraid of the dog because he bared his teeth at Bradley every time he came near. Bradley wanted his ball and he thought it might fallout of the tree into the neighbor’s yard.

What if the dog sunk his teeth into it! “I’ve got to get it!”

The fence ran right next to the tree. He figured he could reach the ball from the top of the fence. He pulled over a chair and climbed on. Standing on the back of the chair, he pulled himself up onto the fence. Slowly he stood.

The fence was much higher than he thought. The dog went ballistic—barking and jumping at Bradley. Luckily, the short fat dog couldn’t reach Bradley. Step by careful step he inched toward the tree. Parallel with the tree he figured he could reach the ball, but the space between seemed to be a mile. Undaunted, he stretched and his finger tip grazed the ball.

“Just a little more.”

He took a deep breath, stretched until it hurt, and he wiggled the ball. Bradley wouldn’t give up and reached across the space again. This time, he lost his balance and slipped! His thoughts whirled. The dog will eat me. I’m going to die! “Noooo!” Bradley came to an abrupt stop. His shirt got stuck on the top of the fence. Caught, he dangled there. The dog barred his teeth and lunged at Bradley.

Bradly didn’t know what to do. If the shirt rips, I’m lunch. “Nice doggy.” He tried not to move. “HELP! I need HELP!”

All of a sudden there on the top of the fence stood Ringtone. “Hey Bradley, I see you're in a bind. Let me help you.”

Bradley was lifted to stand on the fence next to a man in an amazing out-fit. “Hey Mister, are you a super hero?”

“My name is Ringtone. I heard your call for help. That dog doesn’t look too happy. Why don’t we get down?”

“Not without my soccer ball.”

Ringtone looked into the tree where Bradly had pointed. “Oh, I understand.” He reached over and plucked the ball out of the tree. He leaped down from the fence into Bradley's yard. “Bradley, jump and I’ll catch you.”

Without hesitation, Bradley stepped off and landed in Ringtones strong arms. Ringtone set Bradley down, ruffled his hair, and said, “Try to keep your ball in the yard. I might be busy helping someone else next time.” With a smile, he took off. Bradley didn’t know if he flew or ran. A flash and he vanished.

“Mom! Mom, you’ll never guess what happened!” He yelled as he ran into the house.

You know what? She didn’t.



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