Ringtone the Superhero by Robin Densmore Fuson

Ringtone our Superhero is back in an exciting adventure. Remember, he has a super power called Super Atomic Ultra Radio Frequency Hearing or S. A. U. R. F. H. He uses this power to discern the word help though the audio clutter on the phone waves or sometimes just through the air.

One day, he was doing a mundane but necessary job of washing and cleaning out his car. He leads a normal life when he's not helping and risking his life to save people. It was a nice bright sunny day. He had just finished vacuuming and wiping down the interior. A bucket of soapy water and garden hose were all ready for the outside of his cherry red sports car.

All of a sudden, he heard HELP!  With lightning speed he dropped the sponge, turned off the hose, changed into his suit, and arrived at the place where the cry came from. He found himself on the top of a cliff. He took one step to the edge and looked down. About fifteen feet down he saw a boy barely hanging on to a branch with one hand while his other arm was wrapped around a dog. Carefully but very quickly, Ringtone climbed down to the boy.

“Hi little fellow, let me help you up,” said Ringtone as he wrapped his strong arm around the young boy.

There were tears on the boy’s face and his eyes were wide as he took in the superhero’s presence. He said, “Don’t let Butch fall. He’s scared.”

“I’ll get you both up. Wrap your arm around my neck.” With that said, he started up to the top. He went much slower this time, knowing they would be safe. He climbed up and got them settled on a log far from the edge.

“What is your name?” asked Ringtone.


“Emery, my name is Ringtone.  How old are you?”

“Six and a half”

“Let me check your legs and arms to see if you are hurt. Do you feel any pain anywhere?”

“My hand hurts a little.”

“Let me see. Oh, you have a scratch. I have some medicine and a bandage.” Ringtone brought those out of a compartment in his emergency belt.

How did you get stuck on the side of the cliff?” asked Ringtone.

“Butch and I followed a rabbit and we fell.”

“You’re a strong boy and held on very well even though your hand was scratched. You seem fine everywhere else. You will have to explain how you ripped your jeans though. Where are your parents?”

“I don’t know. We’re here camping. Dad and I set up the tent then I went looking around.”

“Did you follow the rabbit far?”

Emery shrugged and said, “Can you bring me to my mom and dad?”

“Sure, I will. Right now, I’m listening for your parents to call for you.”

“I don’t hear them.” said Emery with a worried look.

“Don’t worry. They will and I’ll hear them. As soon as I do, I’ll take you to them. Do you want some chocolate? I happen to have some right here.” Ringtone gave Emery a chocolate bar he pulled out of another compartment in his belt.

Emery thought Ringtone’s belt was cool. He wondered what else was in it. Emery excitedly took a bite of the bar. He loved chocolate. His family was going to make s’mores later that night. He knew they had chocolate and marshmallows in them and they made them over the fire, but couldn’t remember what else was in them.

He was about to ask Ringtone about it when he heard him say, “I hear someone calling your name. It’s far away. We better get going.”

“I don’t hear nuttin.” mumbled Emery around the chocolate in his mouth.

“I can. Do you think you are strong enough to walk?”

Emery nodded and stood up. Butch barked and playfully jumped at him. Emery reached down and gave his dog a hug. Then he followed Ringtone. The three walked for about a half hour when Emery said, “Can we rest? I’m tired.”
“Ringtone said, “Sure. Sit here on this rock.” He handed Emery a flat jug of water.

Emery was more curious as to how so much stuff could fit into that belt. It didn’t look like it could hold so much. He was looking at it and imagining what else could be in there when Ringtone said, “Let me put that canteen back, and I’ll carry you for a while. We want to find your parents before they get too worried. They have been looking for you this whole time. They are heading in the right direction, but I think we need to get to them soon. It will be dark in about an hour.”

Ringtone swung Emery up onto his shoulders and started jogging which then turned into a rapid run. Emery had never gone that fast, except in a car. Butch was getting left in the dust.

“Butch, wait for Butch!”

Ringtone stopped and waited for Butch. He picked the dog up and carried him too. Now they were going faster. They dodged around trees and hopped over fallen logs and branches. They skirted holes and rocks. Emery was having a great time. Giggles and squeals abounded out of his mouth.

Ringtone didn’t slow, but took a quick look at his passengers. Ringtone smiled at the glee on Emery’s face. Butch seemed to enjoy it too. His tongue was hanging out and he looked like he was smiling.

Soon, Ringtone stopped and put them both down. “Listen, you should be able to hear them now.”

“I do! Mom! Dad! We’re here!”

Ringtone knelt down next to Emery. “Emery, I need to go now. Your parents will be here in a second. They are very close. Just stand right here, and they will see you. Enjoy your s’mores tonight and don’t wander away anymore.”

Emery saw a streak and he was gone. Amazed, he turned to the sound of his parents coming. Immediately, he was engulfed in a huge hug followed by more arms around him. Emery and his parents were laughing and crying at the same time. Soon they fell into a heap, rolling and laughing on the ground.

Emery’s dad said, “Emery where have you been? We have been looking all over for you.”

Emery told of his adventure. His parents didn’t believe him about the part of a “superhero”, but they were relieved someone had helped him. They couldn’t discount the fact of the bandage nor the chocolate on his face. They gave him a talking to about staying close where they could see him.

Emery remembered his rescuer the rest of his life. He looked for him anytime he saw someone in trouble. From time to time he thought Ringtone came back and checked on him.

As for Ringtone, he didn’t leave Emery that day; he circled back and watched his parents love on him. He smiled and a contented sigh escaped his lips. He loved that part of his job. He checked on Emery every once in a while as he did many of the people he had saved over the years. He showed up to some of the important events in his life. Ringtone watched him mature into a fine young man.  Emery was one of his favorites.



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