Pegacorn and Black Cat by Robin Densmore Fuson

Once upon a time there was a flying unicorn which some refer to as a pegacorn or unicus. His name was Aegeus, which means protection and shield. Some of you may want to refer to flying unicorns as alicorn, but for our story we will just call him his name, Aegeus, which is pronounced Uh-Jee-Us. His best friend was Caspar, a regular black house cat.

Aegeus and Caspar went everywhere together. Caspar would jump onto Aegeus’ back and wrap his front paws around Aegeus’ collar he always wore. Aegeus would run and flap his wings, and off they went soaring through the air.

Caspar loved to fly with Aegeus. Cats never get higher than the highest tree or building. This was something special for Caspar. Caspar was never afraid because Aegeus took good care of him, making sure he wouldn’t fall off.
During one of their adventures in the sky, an eagle was watching them. This eagle had been watching them for some time. The eagle craved Caspar for supper! He loved the taste of cats and couldn’t resist the beautiful black cat on the back of the flying horse.

The eagle planned his move. He swooped down just as Aegeus was in a curve turning around. At just the right moment, he knocked Caspar off. Caspar fell like a stone. The eagle dove after Caspar and caught him in his talons. Aegeus also dove after Caspar and knocked him out of the eagle’s grasp. Back and forth they fought over Caspar. Caspar thought he would be a goner for sure! Closer to the ground they got. Then Aegeus landed in a sprawl with Caspar on his back! Amazing catch! The eagle almost grabbed Caspar, but Aegeus spread his wings and knocked him away. Caspar darted under a thorn bush. The eagle advanced to where Caspar was cowering, but he couldn’t reach him.

Aegeus asked the eagle why he was attacking the cat. The eagle made his pitch, “I love to eat cats, and I want so desperately to eat the beautiful black cat you carry so proudly on your back.”

Aegeus replied, “You cannot eat him because he is my friend and a really great cat. I won’t let you!”

The eagle saw he was going to have a fight on his hands so he suggested,"I’ll tell you what I’ll do: I’ll leave this beauty alone if you bring me another beautiful black cat."

Aegeus was astounded! How and where would he get another cat? How would he willingly bring a cat to be eaten by this fierce eagle? How should he save Caspar? He knew if they got away it was just a matter of time, and the eagle would strike again! Then he had an idea. “Alright, I’ll get you a cat, but you must promise not to hurt Caspar!”

The eagle inclined his head and said, “I promise.”

Aegeus took one last look to where Caspar had vanished, and with a mighty flap of his wings took off. He hoped his plan worked. He flew to the village and hoped he could get in and out before anyone spotted him.

He was in luck, no one spotted him. At the cottage, he quietly opened the door and went in. At the room in the back of the house was a bed in the corner. On that bed was what he had come for, a soft, stuffed, black cat that looked amazingly like Caspar. A while back, while flying overhead, he had spied a young girl playing with it.  

He snatched it up in his strong jaws and quietly left the cottage and flew back to where the eagle had Caspar pinned down. Stopping far away, he dropped the fake cat and said, “Here is the cat you asked for. Let Caspar go and we will be off.” The exchange was made before the eagle knew of the deception.

Caspar jumped on Aegeus’ back and away they went faster than before. The eagle approached the fake cat and thought it was dead and was disappointed. He wanted to chase it. Soon he realized he had been tricked! Off he went to find them!

Aegeus took Caspar to a hiding place. Then he told Caspar what he had done. Caspar was so relieved that a real cat had not been injured. Aegeus knew there was a little girl who was by now missing her stuffed cat. He knew he needed to do something about that.

Together they flew to the cottage. Aegeus had never interacted with people before, but he knew he had to this time. He knocked on the door. The mother and the little girl answered. They were amazed to see a unicorn and with wings! Aegeus could not communicate with them so he just stood still and looked at them.

Caspar knew what to do. He walked up to the little girl and rubbed against her legs. He started purring very loudly. Picking him up, she exclaimed, “Mother look! He looks just like Midnight!” The little girl ran to where she thought  her stuffed cat, Midnight was, but it was gone! “Mother where is Midnight?”

Aegeus had been listening carefully and that is when he whinnied. The females looked at him and he stomped the ground. They went to see what he was doing. Aegeus used his hoof to draw pictures in the loose dirt near the door. He drew an eagle chasing the cat. That is when Caspar meowed. Aegeus pointed his hoof into the house. Through pointing and pictures he was able to give a pretty clear story of what happened. At that moment, the father returned home. He was surprised to see the four of them in what appeared to be a conversation.

Mother explained what happened and Aegeus and Caspar nodded in agreement. Father asked where the cat Midnight had been left. Aegeus indicated to the Father that he should climb on his back and he would take him there.

He took the father to where he had left the cat. Father picked it up and put it inside his shirt for safe keeping. They were half way to the cottage when they saw the eagle. The angry eagle swooped at Aegeus, trying to scratch is eyes. Things were different this time because Aegeus had a passenger that was ready for the eagle. He had a rope and lassoed the eagle. He quickly grabbed it before it knew what was happening and stuffed it into a leather bag he had over his shoulder. Carefully he held the bag tight enough so the eagle could not move yet loose so it would not get hurt.  

When they got back to the cottage, Father took the eagle into the barn where he had a cage. He placed the whole bag into the cage and shut the door. Soon the eagle was loose from the bag but safe inside the cage. Father was known all around to be the best eagle trainer. He now had a new eagle he was excited to train.

The eagle was very angry, but was relieved he was still alive. He didn’t know it yet, but he would be well cared for and would learn from his new owner.

The little girl got her stuffed cat, Midnight, back. The family said goodbye to new friends.  Aegeus and Caspar were free to fly to new adventures once more.



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