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My Review of Cat-Eyes Witness by Cynthia Hickey

Cat- eyed Witness is a cute cozy mystery, with unusual and often eccentric characters that the author calls quirky. As you’ve guessed by the title, cats are main and secondary characters who entertain and sound the alarm of anything squirrely. The unpretentious Pet Boarder, Trinity Ashford, is about to find life on the dangerous side by coming across a murder. To top it off, the victim owned a cat who may have witnessed the deadly deed. Also, a handsome man traipsed onto the pages and may or may not be as he seems, adding more mystery. Taking matters into her own hands by doing some sleuthing and pointing fingers along the way could dump the heroine in danger or perhaps be killed. Find out how an orange cat helps solve the mystery. This entertaining, lighthearted cozy mystery with romance is sure to please and it’s my pleasure to give Cat-Eyed Witness five stars.     Buy        

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