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My Review of Encouragement Exhortation and Miracles a 30-day devotional by Linda K. Rodante

  I found a 30-day devotional titled: Encouragement Exhortation and Miracles. By Linda K. Rodante. Hm. Miracles. Yes, this book shares miracles upon miracles. Those divine encounters, or happenstances that couldn’t have any other explanation, but God. The writer shares stories that are mostly about her incredible mother. Linda’s mother had adventures with God in prayer and God answered those prayers a lot of times through miracles. These stories are incredible and heartwarming. I cried many times. I was encouraged and blown away by the miraculous events. God works in doing what He does best and we on the other side of the equation we need to focus. On our part, it takes belief. It takes prayer. It takes obedience. If you want a short-defined devotional, get Encouragement Exhortation and Miracles. I recommend this 5* devotional.   Purchase    

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