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Names of God: Ancient of Days

  As we continue with names of God, I’m turning to names or titles that are attributes. The Ancient of Days is the one we will look at today. We find this reference only three times in the Bible—Daniel 7 verses 9, 13, and 22. The Ancient of Days refers to God as Judge. Daniel has a vision in heaven of God in the end times. His description is of a judge seated on the fiery judgment seat throne wearing a flowing snowy white robe and white hair like wool. (Daniel 7:9) Jesus Christ is the Ancient of Days in Daniel 7:22 as He comes to judge. Also in Revelation chapter 1 we see Him described with a long robe, golden sash, and hair white as snow. He has piercing fiery eyes that judge the churches in Revelation 1-3. Ancient of Days also describes God as before time. He is from everlasting to everlasting. He existed before He created time in Genesis chapter 1, creating day and night. And He will exist forevermore. God says of Himself that He has already existed before the day. (Isaiah 4

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