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My Review of What Hides Behind the Walls by Sherri Stewart

  My Review of What Hides Behind the W I like the cover of this historical fiction that plops the reader into Haarlem Netherlands, then to Parris, and back. The sights and history are captured on the pages. The spiritual aspect is well-placed and on target. I love the Corrie Ten Boom quotes heading each chapter. The characters demonstrate real emotion and character traits. The heroine, Tamar, is an amazing vocalist who during the war caught the eye and ear of a Nazi. He desires her and one painting is key to the story and his tie to her. Will he use it for his vile plan? Can Tamar’s spunk and ingenuity give her the answers to the secret of the painting? Or will the pull of the mystery of the painting pull her into a deadly web? Read the book for answers.    5 stars  Buy

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