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My review of Rooms by James L. Rubart

  My 5* review of Rooms by James L. Rubart This intricate and gripping tale had me chuckling in the first part and weeping in the next. Award winning book, Rooms by James Rubart pulls you into an interesting perspective of how one man, Micha Tayler, returns to God and how God reveals Micha’s inner soul to him. How will he decide what to do with his life?  Or better yet, which life to have?  To whom will he listen? This book drew me. I had to read it. Many parts made me pause and think. One line especially grabbed me. "Help them find their destiny and glory." We should all want to help people find those. I asked myself, "What is my destiny and glory? Have I achieved them?" Each room is distinct and personal for Micha’s forward progression and healing. We all have those rooms in our soul. Do we let God enter them and help us through the learning and the pain? We need to listen to His voice through our transformation. One of the themes is God’s sovereignty. Is He

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